Jonathan Lloyd

Divisional Director, Private Client, London

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Jonathan specialises in advising private clients throughout the UK with a particular focus on London and the South East. He runs our London office.


1st Floor
St Michael's House
1 George Yard


0207 398 1660

07788 913 364

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Fire prevention is as important as fire insurance

August 3, 2017

No one wants to claim on fire insurance. Although the UK insurance industry pays out around £1.14 billion a year in fire claims this only covers the material damage caused. The real impact of a fire goes much further. This is because fire carries a very real threat to life and the consequences of a house fire are emotionally...

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Nothing is simple when it comes to listed buildings insurance

July 28, 2017

Anyone who has been involved with the renovation of a listed building knows that nothing is simple. From planning permission to builders, from dealing with damp and decay to the precise materials required, there is a prescriptive process which invariably adds complexity to any project.

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