The Lycetts Festival of Hunting 2019

Lycetts will once be the title sponsor for the Festival of Hunting for the second year running having commenced our association with this event in 2016, which will take place on Wednesday 17th July 2019 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough. This is the fourth year of our five-year partnership agreement with the festival.

The Lycetts Festival of Hunting day includes the Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show which celebrates its 131stth anniversary this year. The historic event is an annual showcase for the world of hunting and boasts the greatest gathering of hounds in the country and marks the highlight of the summer social calendar.

As ever, the Lycetts Festival of Hunting will play host to a vibrant variety of showing classes with in-hand and ridden equine classes and qualifiers for the Horse of the Year Show in many categories, as well as the much-loved inter-hunt relays. Harriers, Beagles, Basset Hounds, Draghounds, and Bloodhounds will also be competing alongside displays of Fell Hounds and coursing dogs. The Lycetts Festival of Hunting Horn Blowing competition will take place yet again at our drinks reception, with guests hoping to win the sought-after hunting horn, engraved and donated by The Hunting Shop.

The Lycetts Festival of Hunting is a wonderful opportunity for those in the hunting community to renew old acquaintances and visit some of the specialist exhibitors; from clothing and accessories to interiors, gifts and purveyors of the finest food and drink. Lycetts has a showcase stand at the Festival to discuss their bespoke insurance requirements.

Angus Keate, Deputy Chairman of Lycetts, says: ‘Our headline sponsorship of the Festival of Hunting continues to sit at the heart of Lycetts’ philosophy to work with those involved in the rural community and the Lycetts Festival of Hunting organisers are one of a number of well-known rural organisations with whom we have a close relationship. We aim to be the most trusted specialist adviser in this sector for those requiring our insurance broking and financial advisory expertise and support of events such as this is a key part of our strategy.

‘Agreeing our title sponsorship of the Lycetts Festival of Hunting for a further three years affirms our unwavering commitment to this event and the rural community in which it sits, and we hope this will not go unnoticed by those involved in hunting during these challenging times. I am delighted to lead our headline sponsorship of this event and look forward to welcoming friends old and new to

For further information about the Festival of Hunting, please email, telephone 01733 363 527 or visit .

“We are delighted to continue our commitment to the Festival of Hunting. Supporting this event reflects our deep involvement with rural issues and those who live and work in the countryside”

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Lycetts will once again be the title sponsor for the Festival of Hunting, which will take place on Wednesday 18th July 2018 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough. This will be the third year of our recently extended five-year partnership agreement with the festival.

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Lycetts Festival of Hunting 2018 celebrates the 130th anniversary of the Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show

March 27, 2018

Lycetts will once again be the title sponsor for the Festival of Hunting, which will take place on Wednesday 18th July 2018 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough. This will be the third year of our recently extended five-year partnership agreement with the festival.

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How to prevent quad bike theft

October 16, 2017

Quad bike theft is one of the most common rural crimes. Thieves are often persistent in their attempts to gain access to these valuable items. Even with a secure lock-up, there is every probability that your quad bike or ATV will be targeted. Bearing in mind that these are highly motivated criminals, it is important to consider how...

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How to spread the word: Hunting newcomers week 21st-28th October 2017

September 11, 2017

Few of us who are keen on hunting can smell the first crisp mornings of September without a frisson of excitement and a sense of anticipation. The Festival of Hunting at Peterborough is becoming a distant memory, the Puppy Show is behind us and the new season is underway. Horses and hounds are getting fitter; coats are brushed and...

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What would Mr Jorrocks think of fox hunting today? How hunting etiquette has changed.

July 12, 2017

If Mr Jorrocks were to come out for a day’s hunting in 2017 he would see much that he recognised from the nineteenth century. Indeed, at first glance, it would all appear familiar to him: from immaculately turned out hunt staff and smart riders on gleaming horses to the thrills and spills of the day itself.

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Let Denman go! Ex-racehorses out hunting

July 4, 2017

Racing enthusiasts will know the name Denman, winner of the Hennessy Gold Cup (2007, 2009) and the Cheltenham Gold Cup (2008). Hunting enthusiasts will, however, also remember him for his subsequent hunting career with Charlotte Alexander and the Beaufort.

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Liability insurance for hunts

June 30, 2017

There are few situations in life when you buy a product and then get more than you bargained for. In fact, when it comes to insurance policies, many are sceptical that when it comes to the crunch they will find that there are gaps in their cover.

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Looking after the young entry – children and hunting

June 27, 2017

For hunting to continue into the future we must nurture our young entry. Not only should they be well-mounted, warm and dry, they must also be looked after until they understand the risks involved and encouraged until they can take responsibility for themselves.

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Quad bike insurance: neither a borrower nor a lender be

February 27, 2017

Owners of quad bikes who lend their vehicles to others could be risking potentially costly consequences in the form of liability claims and medical bills. Because, unless their quad bike insurance cover includes social, domestic and pleasure use these all-terrain vehicles, and those who borrow them, will be uninsured, even on private...

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Equine insurance for Hunters

January 24, 2017

Accidents happen. We know they do, especially where horses are involved. We also know that, unlike a car, insuring a horse is a personal choice and that much of the time the decision is based on value. An intermediate level eventer, for example, is worth a lot of money and will only be able to perform at this level if it is in peak...

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Precautions to prevent tack theft

November 30, 2016

Horse owners, trainers and equine enthusiasts should take every precaution when storing their tack because there can be a high risk of having it stolen.

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Buying a horse from Ireland – equine insurance options explored

July 14, 2016

You’ve done it. You’ve bought a horse from Ireland and you’re waiting for it to make the long journey to its new home. So the question is whether to take out equine insurance for this precious cargo and, if you do, what are your options?

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