Equine insurance for Hunters

January 24th 2017

Accidents happen. We know they do, especially where horses are involved. We also know that, unlike a car, insuring a horse is a personal choice and that much of the time the decision is based on value. An intermediate level eventer, for example, is worth a lot of money and will only be able to perform at this level if it is in peak health. Even a minor injury can bring a swift end to a promising career. Equine insurance is therefore usual.

When it comes to a hunter, however, the choice is less clear. Hunters tend to cost less and continue to be in work for much longer. Minor injuries are unlikely to end a hunting career and we are all familiar with the concept of simply putting a horse out to grass for a year and hoping for the best. When it comes to vet’s fees, the strategy of simply dealing with minor injuries as they come along is often both cost effective and sensible. But when it comes to serious life-threatening conditions, not everyone is able to produce the required cash on demand or indeed to fund a replacement horse if required. This is why there is an increasing demand for equine insurance with Mortality and Life Saving Veterinary Fees cover.

At Lycetts we have designed a Hunting Scheme which recognises this need. The scheme is there to ensure that hunters are insured in the event of a serious life-threatening injury or surgery. These illnesses and injuries can include anything from an accidental injury to colic surgery. It also provides cover against a severe fracture or even a flush procedure if a horse steps on a rusty nail whilst crossing the country or cuts itself badly from hitting a stone wall.

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