Insurance cover for the arboricultural and forestry industries

August 18th 2017

Tree surgery and forestry are high risk occupations. This is mainly due to the use of potentially dangerous and powerful equipment combined with the need to work several metres from the ground. With the risk of injury high, the major challenge when dealing with insurance for the arboricultural and forestry industries is the issue of bodily injury claims. In particular claims relating to Employers’ Liability.

Such claims frequently relate to life changing or life threatening injuries for those involved and are usually costly to settle. Dealing with Employers’ Liabiity claims can also be time consuming with complex claims requiring detailed investigation and taking up to four and half years to conclude. This compares to the insurance norm of three years for other bodily injury claims.

Lycetts specialises in providing all aspects of insurance cover for the arboricultural and forestry industries through its Arbcover brand. Our Forestry and Tree Surgery team deals with a wide variety of claims, covering a range of situations. From the more usual claims to the tree contractor who pulled up at a set of traffic lights and had a wood chipper stolen off the back of their truck. Or the team of tree surgeons who suffered toxic burns as a result of the misidentification of a poisonous Japanese Lacquer tree.

Arbcover is one of the longest standing suppliers of insurance cover to the arboricultural and forestry industries including their associated professions. Established in 1988, the team has in excess of 65 years’ experience between them and is widely recognised as an industry leader. Because of the specialist nature of Arbcover we can provide wide ranging cover for businesses of all sizes with very few restrictions.

We know the profession well and our specialist policy has evolved in line with industry and legislation changes.

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