The risks associated with cybercrime can be daunting.

Our robust cover offering includes a broad range of risks such as Cyber Extortion, Denial of Service, IT Forensic Costs, Cyber Liabilities (loss of data), Reputational Damage, Business Interruption and Theft of Electronic Funds.

Don’t forget, all businesses are vulnerable to Cybercrime regardless of size. Even businesses with no electronic reliance are at risk (paper files and records are also considered ‘data’ under the GDPR regulations).

How to claim Cyber Liability and Crime insurance.

It is a condition of all insurance policies that incidents that may result in claims are reported to insurers without delay. If such incidents are not reported within an acceptable timescale (usually 30 days from the time of the incident) your insurers may refuse to indemnify you.


In the event of a claim in relation to a commercial business policy, you should contact your Lycetts account executive/handler as soon as possible. When completing claim forms, ensure the whole form is completed as far as possible and it is signed on your behalf or your company’s behalf by an authorised person. For further detailed information relating to claims concerning injury to employees or third parties, damage to third party property, loss or damage to own property, personal accident and sickness or motor accidents, please click here.

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