Equine Insurance

Horse & Rider Insurance

Here at Lycetts, we can provide horse and rider insurance for horses valued under £10,000 on the following basis:

  • Death by accident, illness and disease insurance
  • Theft or straying insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Insurance for the loss of UK horse passports
  • Equine legal protection insurance


Optional horse insurance cover includes:


  • Personal accident insurance for the rider of up to £20,000 following death or disablement (including £1,000 dental treatment)
  • Options for veterinary fees insurance of £3,000 or £5,000, with different levels of excess
  • Loss or damage to saddlery and tack insurance with options of either £1,000 or £2,000
  • Permanent loss of use insurance for accident, illness or disease for 100% of the sum insured if the horse is totally incapacitated or 60% if the horse can still be used
  • Stable loss insurance of up to £500 for cost of alternative stabling
  • Loss of entry fees insurance up to £300 caused by death of an insured horse or hospitalisation of an intended rider
  • Trailers and horse-drawn vehicles insurance for theft or accidental damage with an excess of £100 or 10% of the loss


Insurance for animals over 16 years of age includes death by accidental, external injury, theft or straying, liability, legal protection and veterinary fees for injuries up to £3,000 per annum.


Our standard policy is suitable for horses worth up to £10,000 each. More expensive racehorses, competition horses and eventers may have more specialist insurance requirements and if you own horses of this nature, we are able to offer bespoke policies tailored to your needs.

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How to claim leisure horse insurance

In the event of a claim, please notify your Lycetts account executive or claims handler as soon as possible, and certainly of the incident.

Some policies have strict time limits for notification of claims, so if there is a delay you may prejudice your claim.

For further detailed information, please click here.

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