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Weatherproof your business with our crop shortfall insurance

All arable farms, regardless of how well they are managed are affected by incidents beyond their control.

Our crop shortfall insurance will provide protection against the aftermath of droughts, floods, excessive rainfall, windstorms, frost, hail, excessive heat waves and plant diseases and pests – all of which can have a disastrous effect on your crop yield.

In the event of a regional crop shortfall, the policy pays out the percentage difference between the year’s regional yield and the regional yields from the last 8 years.  This percentage is applied to your chosen sum insured to calculate the claim to be paid less your selected deductible.

Weather can be unpredictable. But we can help make sure income from your crops isn’t.

Benefits in brief

  • Payout is directly correlated to the percentage difference between the year’s regional yield and the regional yields from the last 8 years.
  • The policy, after the chosen deductible, protects farmers for up to a quarter of the shortfall of their projected crop production (sum insured) for the harvest year in question.
  • Unlike traditional insurance, where insurers have to survey the damage, it allows for a quicker and more objective claims settlement process.
  • It provides additional protection when faced with volatile weather and long term climate change; The Met Office forecast that a weather 1:100 event will become a 1:50 year event in the next 25 years.
  • It gives peace of mind. Weather patterns are becoming more variable – three of the hottest years on record have occurred in the last 5 years.
  • Underwritten with capacity rated AA (Very strong) by Fitch and Aa3 (Excellent) by Moody’s.

Our crop shortfall insurance is just one of the ways we will help protect your farm business and manage your year-to-year income volatility.

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