Emily Young

Protection Adviser, Financial Services, Newcastle

Emily Young 2018


Emily is a financial adviser specialising in life and protection insurance.


Milburn House
Dean Street
Newcastle upon Tyne


0191 232 1151


We Know Your World

Emily has had a long-standing relationship with the equestrian world, having been a winning point to point jockey, before becoming a qualified racecourse steward and taking up eventing.

The 28-year-old began racing at the age of 18, clinching her first win with Luksar on her 19th birthday. It was after her third win, with her own horse Stand Clear, that an accomplished and fulfilled Emily decided to step down from racing.

Keen to stay connected to point to point racing, Emily became a member of the Ratcheugh Point to Point Committee. After joining the committee, Emily discovered there was a shortage of point to point stewards, so she volunteered to train as one.

During her training, it was suggested to Emily that she also become a racecourse steward.

It was on Emily’s first racecourse stewards’ training day at Hexham Racecourse that she met Lycetts director Simon Landale and shortly after became a financial adviser joining the Lycetts team in Newcastle.

Shortly after joining Lycetts, Emily completed her racecourse stewarding training and qualified in August 2017.

Racecourse stewarding is an unusual move for a young woman, as it is predominantly older gentlemen who fill the role, so Emily is sure to be a breath of fresh air.

As well as becoming a qualified steward, Emily has also decided to get back in the saddle and try her hand at eventing.

Emily said: “Having been involved in racing, it was really interesting to see how much goes on behind the scenes and all the rules. As a jockey, you turn up and ride – you don’t see the other side.

“I think being involved in the racing world helps with my role in Lycetts. The type of clients you are dealing with, whether it be financial or equestrian, you see them in and outside of the office. You have that common ground of racing and get on so well, which is great for business.”

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