Forestry and Woodlands are your business. Insuring them is ours.

Forestry and woodlands are big news right now. With less than 3 decades to achieve net-zero emissions, tree planting has emerged as a key component of the government’s plans to achieve its environmental goals. With the additional benefits for wildlife, flood management and health, trees are high on the political, social and insurance agenda.

There is strong public and business support for tree planting and the government has committed to ambitious planting targets across the United Kingdom.

With planting grants at record levels, environmental incentives, and the potential of lucrative carbon credit contracts, it is easy to see why many are tapping into woodlands and forestry to boost income and build business opportunities.

We have extensive experience in amenity use and planning permissions, insuring woodlands for commercial use and bio-crop production which is destined to be a critical in the reduction of carbon dioxide levels, greenhouse gas emissions and soil erosion.

That’s why we are proud to offer unrivalled service and expert knowledge in this highly specialist sector.

We are passionate about ensuring your forests and woodlands are properly protected with the cover you need, not the cover you don’t.

Our bespoke insurance cover includes:

  • Flexible windthrow solutions
  • Helicopter Firefighting included as standard
  • Client retained salvage
  • Carbon Credits cover
  • Adjustable limits for additional property cover, including Fences, huts, roads and paths
  • Additional cover for landslip
  • Higher Public Liability Limits available
  • Cover for Saplings
  • Option to buy additional firefighting cover

How to claim forestry or woodland insurance

In the event of a claim on your forestry or woodland insurance, please notify your Lycetts account executive or claims handler as soon as possible, and certainly of the incident. Some policies have strict time limits for notification of claims, so if there is a delay, you may prejudice your claim.

If the claim is for theft or malicious damage, please remember to report the incident to the police and obtain a crime reference number. On larger claims (in excess of £2,000), insurers may wish to appoint a loss adjuster, in which case your Lycetts team will provide advice on procedure. Regarding liability claims, it is essential that any potential claims are notified to Lycetts immediately and all correspondence is promptly forwarded to your Lycetts contact.

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