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An attractive employee benefits package can enhance an employer’s value, helping to recruit and retain talented employees.

As well as offering competitive advantage among employers, an employee benefits package can also provide tax-efficient benefits to a company.


Lycetts provides in-depth advice on employee benefits packages and can help companies and their staff to navigate the rules, regulations and changes in legislation. Through a dedicated adviser, Lycetts provides presentations to employees as well as one-to-one clinics with individuals wanting to know more about their eligibility or entitlement under an employers scheme.


A major consideration for employers of all sizes and sectors is the compulsory auto-enrolment pension scheme. Lycetts is currently providing comprehensive advice and administration services for a range of companies in search of the most appropriate auto enrolment package for their staff. We can also help to migrate group pension plans, as well as provide advice on occupational schemes and group life assurance, critical illness, income protection and private medical packages.


Take a look at all the employee benefits packages that we provide advice on, or contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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"Finding the best employee benefits package, explaining it to staff and ensuring companies stay up to date with legislation can be a complex undertaking. That's where Lycetts comes in, acting as adviser every step of the way and making it easy for companies and staff to make the right choices"

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Our Employee Benefits Products

Lycetts helps companies comply with the government's auto enrolment pension requirements,...

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Lycetts offers group life assurance, also known as 'death in service', cover for...

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Lycetts' group critical illness cover can add great value to an employee's benefits package.

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Lycetts group income protection protects staff financially during long periods of absence...

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Lycetts helps businesses finding the right private medical insurance for their workforce.

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Lycetts helps companies to migrate pension plans across to compulsory auto enrolment...

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Lycetts can advise on and manage arrangements for companies seeking to review an existing...

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Have you thought about...

Protecting against the loss of key individuals through key person insurance could save a...

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If a business partner or shareholder dies or falls critically ill, Lycetts shareholder and...

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Lycetts helps company directors to make decisions about their private investments and...

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Choose from a wide variety of high-quality and tailored commercial insurance services at...

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