Investment Strategies

Attitude to risk and the term of the investment are considered by Lycetts when deciding on the investment selection and strategy.

The investment strategy part of the investment process is designed to ensure that the most suitable holdings are utilised.


Lycetts has four investment strategies core to its investment strategy: Risk Based Managed & Passive Funds, Lycetts Model Portfolios, Clever Adviser and Discretionary Fund Management. Lycetts believes it is not just the initial advice that is important. It is the ongoing advice and reviews that ensure investments remain suitable. We review asset and sector allocation, investment strategies and appropriate products.

Investment Strategy

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about our various strategies for investing.

Our Investment Strategy Products

Lycetts offers five risk-based model portfolios, which have been structured to blend...

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Lycetts Clever Adviser service aims to limit the extent of falls in a portfolio by...

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A discretionary fund manager takes responsibility for making all decisions about...

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Lycetts provides access to a choice of risk related passive and active managed funds.

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