New Core policy offers wider cover for legal expenses

April 1st 2016

Lycetts legal expenses insurance originated some years ago in response to the threat from illegal occupation of land by travellers.

It has steadily grown since then, and last year we introduced the Core scheme for smaller and medium sized estates, to complement the Plus policy for our larger clients. The limits payable under the Core policy are lower than on the Plus contract, but remain generous at a level of £50,000 for each claim and £250,000 in the policy year. These will be sufficient for the majority of legal expenses claims which might arise in the course of business for most estates.

Contract disputes with suppliers or customers are automatically covered by the Core policy and are an optional legal expenses extension on Plus.

Both policies cover employment disputes and awards, and provide a free helpline and library of document templates to minimise the risk of a claim arising.

Other benefits include protection against most issues arising from employment disputes, Inland Revenue investigations, VAT disputes, criminal prosecutions, property disputes and personal injury claims.

It should be noted that claims are dealt with by solicitors appointed by Abbey Legal, rather than your own lawyers; should the client wish to appoint their own solicitor this can be done subject to a higher excess. As such your broker should be informed before any dispute is entered into, or any legal expenses are incurred.

Our two legal expenses policies are an extension to your principal insurance programme and, whilst optional, we strongly recommend consideration of your exposure to legal bills.

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