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As the Lycetts insights below will attest, we provide our clients with more than just insurance solutions. This is because our experienced senior management team understands your needs and look to provide you with expert views on a wide variety of topics. Read our insights online now by clicking the topics below.

Equine insurance for Hunters

January 24, 2017

Accidents happen. We know they do, especially where horses are involved. We also know that, unlike a car, insuring a horse is a personal choice and that much of the time the decision is based on value. An intermediate level eventer, for example, is worth a lot of money and will only be able to perform at this level if it is in peak...

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Precautions to prevent tack theft

November 30, 2016

Horse owners, trainers and equine enthusiasts should take every precaution when storing their tack because there can be a high risk of having it stolen.

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Race Horse insurance: the upward trend

October 20, 2016

By anyone’s reckoning, owning a race horse is a high risk investment. With purchase prices ranging from a few thousand to several hundred guineas and training fees in the region of £20,000 a year, it is only the very best horses that provide a return on investment.

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Lycetts team up with Sirecam Europe for Autumn Horses in Training Sale

October 10, 2016

Sirecam Europe and Lycetts are pleased to announce a partnership for the Tattersalls Horses in Training Sale which takes place from 24th to 27th October 2016. The Autumn Sale has provided the likes of Group One heroine Jet Setting and is the predominant source of international horses in training.

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Protecting Big Star’s Olympic legacy: a guide to foal insurance

August 23, 2016

As the Rio Olympics comes to a close, Britain is basking in the glory of an unprecedented medals haul. It has put stallion Big Star into the league of equine sporting legends. In the context of such a valuable stallion foal insurance should be considered.

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Equine insurance specialist Lycetts and Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain launch new partnership

August 18, 2016

Equine insurance specialist Lycetts and Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain (SHB-GB) have launched a new venture together, providing insurances for equestrian businesses and individuals.

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Buying a horse from Ireland – equine insurance options explored

July 14, 2016

You’ve done it. You’ve bought a horse from Ireland and you’re waiting for it to make the long journey to its new home. So the question is whether to take out equine insurance for this precious cargo and, if you do, what are your options?

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From the horse’s mouth: Veterinary tips for the competition horse

July 6, 2016

Most of us know the received wisdom that cats have nine lives and that elephants never forget. Now there is a new one: horses don’t lie. And while vets will undoubtedly dispute the immortality of cats or the memory retention of elephants, competition horse specialist Ann Kent, considers the belief in a horse’s inherent honesty to...

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Brexit – how will it affect the Equine industry?

June 24, 2016

Now that the decision to leave the EU has been made, how will the Equine Industry fare in a Britain outside Europe? Over the next two years many things will change and the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. There are a number of factors for the equine industry to consider:

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