How to prevent quad bike theft

October 16th 2017

Quad bike theft is one of the most common rural crimes. Thieves are often persistent in their attempts to gain access to these valuable items. Even with a secure lock-up, there is every probability that your quad bike or ATV will be targeted. Bearing in mind that these are highly motivated criminals, it is important to consider how and where you keep your quad bike.

To significantly reduce the risk of quad bike theft we recommend that it is locked into a secure brick built building, with only one entrance and a steel door. Locked wooden sheds and wooden doors are effective at keeping out casual thieves. For the committed professional, however, they are inadequate and the doors themselves, or whole panels of the shed, can be removed.

Five lever mortice deadlocks on doors are generally a better alternative to padlocks, which can be cut through with a handheld, battery operated angle grinder in a matter of seconds. Where a high quality closed shackle padlock is used, an appropriate pad bar should be installed at the same time, removing an easy alternative to cutting the padlock itself.

You may consider that if you are meeting the minimum requirements of the insurance, that this precaution is good enough. But please remember that when a quad bike is stolen, it is often the inconvenience caused which is the immediate issue. If you rely on your quad bike as an integral part of your routine, then regardless of the insurance implications, quad bike theft will disrupt your working routine… and sod’s law dictates it will be at your busiest time of year!



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