Tattersalls October Yearling Sales

October 4th 2018

Two hundred and fifty two years have passed since Richard Tattersall, founder of the world famous auction house, first sold a horse at Hyde Park Corner in London.

During this time, Britain has seen sixty seven prime ministers, twelve recessions, two world wars and one imminent exit from the European Union.

Yet, throughout the political turmoil, there has always been a strong demand for bloodstock. In fact, the demand can be so strong at times that that anyone without prior knowledge of the market may see it as simply a display of wealth. The thoroughbred has been described by some as a luxury product but is that an accurate description? Many of those invested into the complex world of racing and breeding would argue that the thoroughbred represents their livelihood rather than any luxury or commodity. 

Over the centuries the trading of bloodstock has expanded, modernised and evolved into a much commercialised version of it’s earlier form. In their most basic state the sales remain as simply a gathering of vendors and purchasers. A market place where there are losses as well as gains. There are plenty of risks involved and whilst no investor, regardless of their experience, expects to lose out, all would concede that it is possible.

Many of the hazards are out of reach from any control, however given the opportunity to reduce the financial risk and increase the security of their capital, surely those that know its true value choose to protect it. After all, in business, what risk truly exists if not the ultimate financial one?

Tattersalls October Yearling Sales starts on 9th October 2018.

To arrange Fall of Hammer cover for your yearlings contact Richard Freeman on 01638 676 700 or richard.freeman@lycetts.co.uk



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