Commercial Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Lycetts personal accident insurance applies to accidents that prevent work – even those that happen at home.

We recommend a personal accident plan for principals and self-employed professionals whose income would cease immediately if an accident were to prevent them working. Cover applies to accidents at home as well as work.


This cover provides a lump sum payment following permanent injury or income payment following temporary disablement. Cover is 24 hours a day and applies to all accidents, wherever they occur. The following is an illustration only of the payments provided, but higher limits are available.


Death: £10,000


Loss of use of one or more limbs or sight of one or both eyes: £10,000


Permanent total disablement from gainful employment of any kind: £10,000


Temporary total disablement from usual occupation: £100 per week*


* No payment is made for the first two weeks of disablement and the maximum payment period is for two years (accident claims).