Personal Accident Cover for Professional and Amateur riders.

Whether competing at international level or having fun at a local riding club there is always an element of risk involved. Our Rider Protect personal accident cover can  provide income support in the event of temporary disability ensuring the welfare of the horses does not  suffer, competition fitness of the horses can be maintained and yard duties can be dealt with, enabling the rider the optimum chance for a full and fast recovery.

Usually, the purchase of personal accident insurance is contingent upon the applicant proving income by providing a pay slip or a copy of their P60.

However, we appreciate that many equine practitioners do not pay themselves a wage, they live off their activity so we have set the limits, benefits and premiums based upon the keep cost of the average competition horse.  If the individual applicant receives an additional income from sponsorship endorsements or other provable sources, the limit can be extended beyond £100,000 through a separate submission.

You can access the cost of this coverage and obtain a quote in two ways, on-line or by calling one of the Lycetts brokers whose details you will find at bottom of the page.

First of all, please read the Explanation of Coverage detail below which will explain your options.  Once you have worked out where you fit, please click on the link that will take you to the request form.

Explanation of Coverage:

The indemnity available and premium charged is split into two categories as follows:

1 Definition More than 20% of earnings comes from equestrian activities More than 80% of earnings comes from  non-equestrian activities
2 Death & Permanent Disability Between £30,000 and £100,000 depending on the tier selected. Between £30,000 and £100,000 depending on the tier selected. A separate limit for aged 17 and under is available.
3 Temporary Disability  Between £300 and £1,000 per week per year excess of the first 14 days following the date of the injury. Not available for individuals aged 17 and below.
4 Coverage Levels By age – from 17 to 50.

By discipline from top level eventing to un-ridden working with horses

Not age rated.

By discipline from top level eventing to un-ridden working with horses

5 Illness This can be included for an additional premium This can be included for an additional premium except for individuals aged 17 and under
6 Fracture Cover For an additional premium this provides a fixed amount for a broken bone.
7 Travel This cover is annual and worldwide for any trip of up to 31 days.  This can be bought by an individual or family.


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