Ensuring the safety of temporary staff

July 24th 2020

Are you a farmer taking on work experience or casual workers over the summer?

Many in the farming community take on work experience or casual labour during the busy summer time. Employers should make sure they are adequately insured and provide proper training – many farms present a much greater risk of accidents to casual farm hands who are not adequately trained.

You should fully disclose all work experience and casual employees to your insurance broker, it will quite possibly make no difference at all to the premium you pay.  Equally as important, is making sure that all necessary health and safety advice and training has been given, and that you comply with all the relevant legislation.

Casual staff and all those gaining work experience, whether on farms or other workplaces, should be given health and safety training before they begin their placements. This is important and applies to all places of work – not just the agricultural sector.

Anyone working on your premises, whether paid or unpaid, should be talked through all the safety precautions to make sure they are fully aware of any potential dangers involved in the work they are doing. In particular you should avoid low skilled workers operating machinery unsupervised.

If you require any further advice contact your Lycetts Insurance Broker today.

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