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As the Lycetts insights below will attest, we provide our clients with more than just insurance solutions. This is because our experienced senior management team understands your needs and look to provide you with expert views on a wide variety of topics. Read our insights online now by clicking the topics below.

Insurance Premium Tax set to rise on 1st October 2016

August 24, 2016

The March 2016 Budget included a further increase to the standard rate of insurance premium tax (IPT) from 9.5% to 10%.

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Protecting Big Star’s Olympic legacy: a guide to foal insurance

August 23, 2016

As the Rio Olympics comes to a close, Britain is basking in the glory of an unprecedented medals haul. It has put stallion Big Star into the league of equine sporting legends. In the context of such a valuable stallion foal insurance should be considered.

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Equine insurance specialist Lycetts and Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain launch new partnership

August 18, 2016

Equine insurance specialist Lycetts and Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain (SHB-GB) have launched a new venture together, providing insurances for equestrian businesses and individuals.

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Insurance Act 2015 – Changes to the insurance landscape

August 15, 2016

The Insurance Act 2015 came into effect from 12th August 2016 and introduced a new regime for the transaction of all general insurance contracts in the UK. Replacing the 1906 Marine Insurance Act, the aim is to bring more balance into the relationship between insurers and their customers.

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Fire insurance and prevention for farm buildings and hay stacks

August 8, 2016

With harvest in full flow, farmers should take every precaution to ensure they are not running unnecessary risks in hot weather which could lead to their agricultural buildings or stacks of bales going up in flames.

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Lycetts Race Day raises over £14,500 for north east disability charity

August 3, 2016

Lycetts has raised more than £14,000 for the charity The Percy Hedley Foundation following a successful race day.

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Health and Safety for the Grouse Season

August 1, 2016

It was reported earlier this month, that a sporting estate has been prosecuted on the grounds of health and safety following the accidental shooting of a flanker on a grouse moor that has resulted in the flanker loosing the sight in his eye.

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Buying a horse from Ireland – equine insurance options explored

July 14, 2016

You’ve done it. You’ve bought a horse from Ireland and you’re waiting for it to make the long journey to its new home. So the question is whether to take out equine insurance for this precious cargo and, if you do, what are your options?

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From the horse’s mouth: Veterinary tips for the competition horse

July 6, 2016

Most of us know the received wisdom that cats have nine lives and that elephants never forget. Now there is a new one: horses don’t lie. And while vets will undoubtedly dispute the immortality of cats or the memory retention of elephants, competition horse specialist Ann Kent, considers the belief in a horse’s inherent honesty to...

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